Detox -12 days to cleanse and re-set your diet.

Starting: 6th January 2019

What is a detox? It is a 12-day program where you cut out processed food, simple carbs and other nasties

Why? Most of us have over indulged during December and find it hard to get back on track with a good diet.

Is it a quick fix? No. Anyone who knows me knows I hate quick fix short term ‘promise all’ diets. This will set the scene for healthy eating in 2019. It is packed with information about maintaining weight loss and eating a well-balanced diet and living well.

Will I starve? – No, there are plenty of foods to eat all the way through the 12days. It will be easier if you can cook during the detox or prepare foods to keep any cravings at bay.

What type of results will get? This will depend on your current diet but expect weight loss, increased energy and less bloating and sluggishness.

How much does it cost? £30.00.

What’s included? Daily emails, recipes and guidance and support are all included.

Any questions just ask. Get in touch here to reserve your place.